Road Weather Conditions

Checking road weather conditions just for route is now incredibly easy with the Drive Weather App.  This page has links to road weather for many popular interstates, routes and road trips.  Each road weather page shows the forecast conditions only along that road.  Weather, sky cover, wind, temperature and weather radar are all shown.

Links to Road Weather Conditions

  • Interstate 10(I-10) which goes from Jacksonville, FL to Santa Monica, CA.  I-10 2,460 miles and is the fourth longest highway in the US

  • Interstate 15 runs north and south from San Deigo, California to the Canadian border at Sweet Grass Montana

  • I-95 Starts in Bangor Maine and ends in Miami Florida.  It is the main highway that parallels the Atlantic ocean coast and serves all the main cities from Maine to Florida on the eastern coast.  It is 1,900 miles long.

  • From Mack Colorado to Kanorado KS (right on the border) this page shows the Colorado I70 Weather

Popular Road Trip Weather Conditions

Use the Drive Weather App

The Drive Weather app lets you check forecast along your route by calculating where you will be at every point and showing the forecast for that time.

Road Weather Conditions

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